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                         Emmy is trained

                               as a therapy dog

                                however due to her                                                       excitability, she failed                                                    her mock exam. She                                                  embraces her quirky                                                    personality and is                                               learning strategies to

                                      help manage her

                                       anxiety, as well 

                                     as working on

                   healthy boundaries as 

     she often gives kisses without

          asking for consent first




                      deals with stress by

                pushing items off ledges

           and scratching furniture.

       Seph believes that everyone

     would benefit from trying

       to be more like her.

        Her tips for a balanced

            life? Take the time to

                lounge in the sun, nap often,

                       don't be afraid to be a little bit picky,

                              stretch, embrace your playful side,

                                               and get curiou


Meet The Team!

*Disclaimer - The office space gets cleaned daily and the animals are in a separate room during sessions. Don't forget your Claritin if you have allergies just in case!


  She's just a baby!

   Birdy is the newest member on the team.

    She is a young, spunky little thing who unfortunately was

     taken from her mom far too soon. Because of that, she

         seeks connection and fulfills her attachment needs

                                by suckling on your earlobes and

                                               making biscuits on

                                                        your face


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