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How Are You Feeling?

Stuck? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Unsure about the future of a relationship? Grieving? Maybe you have no idea - and that's okay. I offer a process of healing, growth, and self-discovery to promote transformation by exploring your story and helping you to re-write it. You are the expert, I am just along for the ride, providing tools and my professional experience to get you back on track. Finding balance starts with you, and I am here to help

Private counselling


My areas of expertise include supporting clients wanting help navigating addictions, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, grief, relationships, self acceptance, sexuality and sex education, and trauma processing. I aim to walk alongside my clients every step of the way. My main therapeutic approaches include attachment therapy, emotion-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, Gottman method couples therapy, mindfulness, & narrative therapy. I am also trained in dialectical behavior therapy and am an EMDR trained clinician

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Child and Youth Counselling

Sometimes you need a space outside of your parents/guardians where you feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and emotions. Plus, let's face it, growing up is hard. Adolescence is a period of transition that entails questioning, self-discovery, and difficult decision-making. Issues that I work with are attachment difficulties, developmental trauma, adverse childhood experiences, self-regulation, disruptive behaviours, and addiction

Couples Counselling

We all know relationships are not easy - but perhaps I can support you in making it a little bit easier. I can help you identify root causes for disconnection, transform negative patterns into new patterns of understanding and love, improve communication, and restore the balance within your relationship. I can also support couples through times of transition - however that looks to you

Individual Counselling

In identifying therapeutic goals, we will work together to build a treatment plan that suits your needs best. Some individuals are seeking support in processing past trauma, some want to learn new skills to cope with the stressors they are currently facing, and some need time and guidance to understand better the underlying difficulties they are facing. Whatever it is that brings you to therapy, you are no longer facing it alone

Trauma Counselling for Interpersonal Violence and Abuse

Being exposed to violence impacts how safe we feel, our confidence and self esteem, how we communicate, and how we interpret the world around us. Navigating life during and after experiencing abuse can feel like walking in a field of landmines - and I would be honored to walk with you. If you are interested in learning more about interpersonal violence and abuse or would like to be connected to resources, please click here

Virtual Therapy Available

Virtual therapy is an innovative way to access professional mental health care from the comfort and safety of your own home. Virtual sessions offer accessibility, convenience, and security so you can receive care in a secure location of your choosing. I use a secure video chat platform or can provide care over the phone, considering your confidentiality and privacy.

Virtual therapy offers the same benefits of in-person therapy, but with added convenience and flexibility. You are simply interacting with your therapist through a private and secure video chat on your computer or mobile device. This provides increased accessibility and convenience for those with physical disabilities, during times of illness, if driving conditions are less than ideal, and for parents without child care.

I offer virtual therapy Canada-wide (except for Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI due to regulations).

For more information or to schedule an appointment fill in the contact form.

If you have a virtual video session scheduled you may access it here. Feel free to join 5 minutes before your session start time in order to get comfortable and settled in your space

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